As the year progresses, COVID-19 exposure will become something we will all likely encounter at some point. We will continue to do everything we can to mitigate risk and prevent exposure among the dancers, faculty and staff. Everyone on the premises self administers a temp check, we are practicing social distancing, wearing face coverings, disinfecting barres, floors, the tumble track, and any other surfaces the dancers might touch between every class. We use either rubbing alcohol or a bleach solution on those surfaces. Dancers use hand sanitizer at the start of every class. We have contracted with a commercial HVAC company that specializes in virus mitigation and have REME HALO® in-duct air purifiers installed in our HVAC system. We have custom made HEPA filters for both of our AC units and Molekule air purifiers in each dance room. Ozone generators that disinfect every surface in the building are used nightly inside the dance studio.

We have taken every measure possible to do our best to keep our dancers, faculty, and staff healthy and safe. Children that are not feeling well or have fever are asked not to come in as they can still take class virtually. Thank you for doing your part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Step 1 in our reopening preparation:
REME HALO UV-C lights and custom “Air Sponge” filters in our AC units.

Reme Halo light


Step 2 in our reopening preparation: Ozone air sanitation units installed!


Step 3 in our re-opening preparation:
Each room now has big screen TVs so dancers can still “Zoom” from home!

Hybrid Teaching with Zoom


Step 4 in our reopening preparation:
6’ X 6’ Grids laid on each dance floor, “Social distance stars/
Realdance Walk of Fame”, plenty of hand sanitizer!

Lobby Prep

Floor Squares & "Walk of Fame"


Step 5 in our reopening preparation::
installation of our custom “Health Smart” filters for our AC units. Each filter is made
with a metal (vs the usual cardboard) frame that has a rubber gasket which forms a
seal when placed against the actual unit. This prevents any unfiltered air from going
into the unit. Combined with the REME HALO UV-C lamps the air is double treated
before it comes out of the vents.

Health Smart Filter


Final step in outfitting the studio for re-opening:
Molekule Air Purifiers for our dance rooms . In addition to our
REME HALO UV-C lights, custom HEPA filters for our HVAC and our nightly ozone
disinfection, we have invested in every state of the art filtration, purification and
disinfection technology available.

Molekule Air Purifiers


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